Thursday, December 16, 2010

They're Smart, No Really Smart

Last night the girls were really resisting bed time. I mean this isn't anything new, but Izzy has terrible separation anxiety so I told them the next day (today) that I would take them to Stepping Stones and for ice cream. I kind of figured they would forget about the whole ice cream promise; I'd already planned to take them to the Children's Museum.

The girls wake up around 7am. Don't you know the first thing they asked for when they woke up was ice cream. They didn't stop asking until they had a kiddie cone with rainbow sprinkles in their little hands around 11:45am. It served as lunch. Not too shabby.

A lot times I fall for the girls little tricks. It's because I love them and they have me tied around their little fingers. They are quickly mastering the art of stall tactics. It all started a few months ago when they started hiding their lovies before bed time. Zoe has a little "lambie" and Izzy has "monkey."

While I would tidy up after baths, the girls would hide their stuffed animals. It would take me forever to find them and by this time I was so tired and had very little patience. It's like they knew just what button to push. They would sit in their cribs and say, "Lambie, where are you???? I can't find it!" After a while I would learn the basic hiding spots, down the stairs, under the sofa, in mommy's room, etc. You would think I would learn to put them somewhere safe while we did the night time routine but mommy brain takes over and you just plain forget.

Then last night, the girls tried to hide the two books we read at night: Goodnight Moon and Llama Llama Red Pajama. As if hiding those books meant that they would get to stay up all night. Seriously I have no idea where they get their energy. They wake up at 7am and are full steam ahead until 7pm. They have stopped taking naps and don't even want to listen to my pleas for quiet time. I try to tell them how much I miss nap time but it doesn't make a difference. I did get some nice cuddle time today before they went to school. It was all worth it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Days Fly By, Almost New Year's

The old saying time flies by used to annoy me, but now I have realized how much truth it holds. I wish I had more time to write here and document incredible moments with the girls.

Like last Saturday when the girls were playing "night, night" with my husband's father and Zoe put a blanket over him and then proceeded to sing him "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." She had the hand gestures memorized. I teared up.

Today the girls helped feed their younger cousin lunch and were proud as can be. It made me remember how small they used to be, and that they aren't really babies anymore, even though I still refer to them as such.

Or when Izzy hung up with my father on the phone the other day and then went to the window to look for him. They had a game when the weather was warmer in the Fall, where Poppy would go outside and give Izzy kisses though the window. Izzy said, "Where's Poppy," and pushed her little nose up to the glass.

Now the girls recognize places along the roadside, I have to be more strategic about my routes. I can't drive by the Sherwood Diner in Westport without being asked about 100 times to go eat there, even if we've just exited the parking lot. Their favorite ice cream place has a life size cow fake cow outside that they sat on for a photo this summer and whenever they pass it they say "mooooooooooo, ice cream?????" no matter what time of day.

Yesterday, the girls helped me make cookies for their class snack. I didn't realize how much I could allow them to help. I let them help mix and pour ingredients into the bowls once I had measured them out. It was such a joy to see them become excited with the process of baking a cookie from start to finish and then enjoy it together.

I used to sing to the girls when we had to drive in the car and now they sing to me. It's a good thing they learned because I am no American Idol. I just did it to get a laugh or a smile.

One new little habit that is amusing, yet often annoying, is the girls direct me when I am driving. They say "this way," or "that way" and get very upset if I don't follow their command.

Anyway, I guess I am saying that I regret not documenting more of these moments so I am going to make a better effort in 2011.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Worst Nightmare, Wildest Dreams Come True

Worst Nightmare = The girls love Dora. Zoe sings, "Do do do do do Dora."

Wildest Dreams = Pinkberry slated to open in Fairfield, CT.

Seriously, this post opens an all too honest window into my life's priorities at the moment. It also serves as a nice reminder that I am easily pleased and that other then Dora, everything is okay. That is very comforting.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I swear it's a tomato

I awoke this morning to the whining cry of my daughter Isabelle. The clock on the cable box said 5:18am. Too early.

Mind you Izzy hasn't napped in three days. I figured she would be asleep until 9am.

I decide to be strong and wait it out a bit. But between the crying, the sound of my husband snoring next to me and the cat meowing to let me know the baby was crying, I had no choice but to get out of bed.

I throw on my "mom" robe -- a big fuzzy pink one -- and walk bleary-eyed down the creaky hallway. The sun hasn't yet come up, but the light in the downstairs hallway is shining up the stairs. Without thinking to turn it off, I open the door to my daughters' room.

Izzy is standing up in her crib, arms outstretched, with monkey tucked securely under her armpit.

"Upppp-ieee," she says.

I lift her up out of the crib and sneak out the door. Her semi closed eyes open wide in the light. She now asks for a pop (lollipop), which are prohibited until further notice. I realize I can't try and get her back to bed in the hallway with the lights on below, so I carry her back into my bedroom rubbing her back in hopes to get her back into dreamland.

I sit on the chair in my room (straight up) and rub her back until she closes her eyes and rests head on my shoulder. I am sitting there hoping that I can also fall back asleep. By this time it's 5:40am and the sky is starting to brighten ever so slightly. The night is slipping away from me and reality is sinking in. I try to slip back into bed.

My husband is still snoring away. It is not as loud as it could be, but in the silence it's loud enough. Neither Izzy and I are going back to sleep.

"Show," she demands.

I turn on the T.V. and my hubby doesn't budge. Izzy starts to squirm and scream.

"Snacks!!!!" she yells, and with that she slides off the bed and heads down the hallway to the stairs. She wears a sleep sack to bed so when she walks it's all wobbly like someone from Star Wars. I turn off the T.V. and my hubby doesn't seem to flinch.

Downstairs I go with my daughter to get a snack. I pour Cheerios into a snack trap, feed the cat and grab her something to drink. She catches sight of something in the fridge.
"Apple?" she requests.

I turn around and grab an apple. Arched back, screaming and tears ensue. She turns back to the fridge.

"Door... open!!!!" she yells. "APPLEEEEEE!!!"

I open the door and say show me. She points to a small container of cherry tomatoes.

"Izzy, those aren't apples," I explain.

But she isn't having it. I glance at the microwave. 5:50am. Not even 6am, are you kidding me?

I am clearly not going to win this debate. She is on the floor flopping around like a fish out of water over a tomato she thinks is an apple. So I decide to get it out of the fridge, cut it up and give it to her to eat.

Her arms wave in delight (a.k.a. happy hands) during the process. I cut the small tomato in half and we walk back over to the T.V. in the family room. Ni-Hau Kai-Lan is on. Finally we are into morning hours, although still too early. Meanwhile, Izzy is chanting "apple, apple."

She bites into the "apple."

"Eeeeewwwww," she says and throws it on the ground. Classic.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Veres Playground - Fairfield

I discovered Veres playground through the Fairfield Welcome Club playgroup director. It's an amazing playground in a wonderful neighborhood, full of friendly families with young children. The play structures at Veres Park are designed more for the 2-5 age group, so it's a very safe if you have multiple children under your watch.

The playground area is wide open so everyone can be in constant view, but on the flip side, there isn't a lot of shade. There are roads nearby, but they aren't busy and everyone seems to be cautious driving and aware of the children. There is a baseball field across from the playground that hosts little league and soccer practices. You will often find moms meeting up and having picnics or coffee breaks in the mornings. Everyone I have come across has been incredibly friendly and happy to chat while the kids play.

There are slides, big- and little-kid swings and a generous sandbox. The families in the neighborhood leave toys in the sandbox and on the grass for the children to play with so there is always something new to discover.

Veres Playground is one of those places you want to tell everyone about because you love it so much but at the same time you don't want to let the secret out.

PROS: Playground designed for younger children. Good visibility and lots of toys on site.

CONS: Can get very sunny and hot at times. Near roads, although not busy through streets.

Owen Fish Park - Fairfield

I had hesitated to bring the girls to Owen Fish Park as mothers had warned me about a nearby pond. However, after finally going this week I realized it's not much of a threat since a tennis court separates the playground from the pond

Owen Fish Park was renovated by SPARK (1998) and is a wonderful, shady playground for toddlers and elementary school age children. There are baby and big kid swings, slides and climbing structures, as well as a four-person see saw. The park is located off Stratfield Rd. in Fairfield, but tucked away off the main road. There are picnic tables and a little stream with ducks that the kids enjoyed.

PROS: Lots of shade, a nice community of young families and various play structures for energetic toddlers make this a great place to play. No fee for non-residents.

CONS: The main play structure does have a few "drop offs" so you have to keep a careful eye on kids while they play. The small stream could also entice children to its slippery rocks, so just remain cautious.