Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally March

I just realized it's March. We are going to Florida to see my husband's parents at the end of the month. I think we will be much better prepared this time -- or so I hope. Our whole family is in need of some warm, sunshine.

We miss our Dziadek; he hasn't been able to come visit us up North in several months. We call him Ja-gee. It's a lot easier than the full word and spelling, and we hope the girls will pick it up some day soon.

Ever since I met my husband, we have been going to Florida in March to see his family. I feel very lucky to have in-laws who live part-time in a beautiful vacation spot. The beach is so pretty there with dolphins grazing the shore and starfish on the beach. When we met in college, we would go down for Spring break. It was great to have free lodging (and it still is).

When we were engaged and lived in New York, we expanded our Florida trips to Miami for a few days and then would drive across Alligator Alley to Bonita Springs to see everyone for a few more days. I think we've actually outgrown Miami for a while -- not to mention it's incredibly expensive -- but I will always have great memories. I am more excited about making new memories with our girls in Bonita.

As a little girl, my family went to Florida for vacations. We were lucky enough to go to Disney and stay in nice hotels and eat Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. I rode Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain with my dad, but I closed my eyes the whole time. My Grandma treated us and looking back I am so appreciative. I can't wait to take the girls to Disney someday. There is just something wonderful about the sunshine state, especially when you are up in New England during what seems to be the coldest and longest month of the year: March.

Monday, March 1, 2010


After a year and a half of repeating mama, mommy and muh-ma, my little Zoe finally said mama in the backseat while we were driving home from the grocery store. I know in my heart she always knew who mommy was, but there is something just lovely about hearing the actual word. This is a day to remember.

Completely Captivating and Compelling

It's amazing how someone you have never met can touch you.


I saw a feature in Martha Stewart Living about this woman, Darcy Miller, who does these gorgeous scrapboxes. Basically it's the same idea as scrapbooking, but you use a shadow box. I have been meaning to do something creative with precious items like hospital bracelets, first beanie caps and such, but wanted to make sure the end result was something worth hanging on my wall (basically that I didn't turn it into crap).

I was looking through old photos trying to find some specific ones for my project. I came across some photos of the girls when they were itty bitty. Just another reminder of how fast they grow.

I'll post some photos when mine are complete, although I am sure they won't be quite as lovely as Darcy's.