Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are You Pregnant?

Something you never ask a woman even if she looks as if her water may have broke in your living room. A woman at the toddler adventure gym in Westport asked me that three weeks ago and it broke my heart. She should have known better, but she completely insulted me not once, but twice.

It was a slightly older woman, but we can certainly not claim dementia in this situation. She had her granddaughter in tow and while on the slide she casually asked me how old the girls were.

"21 months," I beamed proudly.
"And expecting another?," she replied.
"NO, I am not pregnant," I spat.
"Oh...well it would have been a bit soon to have another anyway," she said.

So first of all thank you very much for completely insulting me about my weight and then again if I had been pregnant that I was not properly spacing it out. The nerve some people have. Everyone knows it's an unwritten rule never to ask a woman if she is pregnant. It's just plain taboo.

I have been unhappy with my weight for some time. Working with a personal trainer really helped me - not once, but twice (thank you Dana & Abby!) - but it's not realistic. My love affair with sweets is keeping me from my goal. So I enlisted the help of a nutritionist recommended by a close friend. I just embarked on a 10-week program starting today. The goal is 20lbs. More would be great but just to lose that would be so amazing for me.

Fingers crossed!