Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One OH Four

Luckily neither of my children have a temperature of 104. Actually, that is what the thermometer said on my car when I got inside after the supermarket today. I guess that is the temp in the sun.
I know, I have been itching for summer. But I can't take this kind of heat and humidity. I am more of a 70s and a light breeze kinda girl.
I got the baby pool all ready (well actually my babysitter did) and we all lounged for about an hour. While trying to dry off outside, we realized that inside in the AC, an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and a snack was a much better idea.
Izzy has been very content stacking Fancy Feast cans. When she wants to, that girl can really keep herself occupied. But when she wants to be needy, watch out. You will be holding her and walking around for hours. She's almost 30 pounds and honestly I don't know why I am not skinnier. Must be all the mac n cheese leftovers I snack on.