Friday, August 14, 2009

Twin Comments

I know this is a popular topic for me, but I can't help get annoyed. Maybe someday I will learn to ignore. I am getting better though.

I went to my beloved Stop & Shop in Westport yesterday, which I hear is getting a Starbucks, and heard all my favorite (hint: sarcasm) comments!

In less than 30 minutes I heard the following:
* Are they twins? (4x)
* Are they identical? (2x)
* Boy and girl? (1x)
* Double trouble! (1x)
+ two unsolicited toe touches

I know people are just trying to be nice, but it's so annoying. It's not like we are a freak show I mean it's just two children. Lots of people have more than two children. Twins are pretty common anyway these days. If I had six or eight babies in toe at Stop & Shop then yes, I would totally expect crazy stares and questions.

I guess it's not that I actually mind the questions, it's just that they are such stupid questions. I mean the identical question actually doesn't bother me. But they are usually dressed in pink and I have a hot pink stroller so the one of each question is just stupid. I get asked if they are boys a lot too. Let's not discuss.

Double trouble is just so annoying because it doesn't do anything for anybody. I am not going to throw a smile your way for that one! But it was an old guy and usually I get that from older people, so we will give him a break.

And please, don't touch my babies. Unless you want to come over when they get sick and rock them back to sleep every hour while they are snotting on your shoulder, just keep your fingers to yourselves.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ready for Fall

I am so ready for Fall. The cooler weather, the leaves, apples, soup and Halloween -- what's not to love? I also love Fall clothing.

Patagonia in Westport is having a huge sale right now. I went today to get a credit back on a rain jacket I bought last week and was able to get a zip-up sweater with the refund, so basically it was two for the price of one. It's way too hot to wear now, but the pumpkin color really gets me in the mood for cool days.

The girls have tons of clothes but I was in Janie & Jack the other day on Greenwich Avenue and there are some really cute things out right now. Of course I wait until it goes on sale -- don't think I have ever bought full-price J&J outfits -- and hope the right sizes remain. The Paris line
is so cute, but I love the quilted jacket from the Carousel Line. They are just so comfortable and vintage looking. I also adore the quilted jacket from the Orchard Line. I would probably get one and one so that it wasn't matching.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We just joined the YMCA Westport/Weston and signed up the girls for swim lessons. This way daddy can get involved on the weekends with an activity. Poor daddy misses out on a lot of the fun stuff during the week, so this is good bonding time. Plus now that we are members, we can go to the pool whenever we like during the week. Unfortunately, there was no "twin" discount.

The girls seemed really excited at the Y and were waving to everyone. Someone asked if the girls were related. Um, duh? I guess people just really don't know what to say so they ask to be sure. Then someone said well they don't look like you at all. I mean what do you say to that?

Thw weird twins comments just keep rolling out ...

Three Under Three

I thought I was pregnant. That would have been three children under the age of three.

Now that I have learned I am not, I'm left with mixed emotions. I was full of worry and anxiety, wondering if I would be able to give my girls the attention they needed while I was pregnant and then moreso, after the baby was born. What if it was twins again? How would we cope with the care and finance? Would the girls still love me as much or would they just want to be with each other and forget about mommy? We have two precious, healthy girls -- am I tempting fate with another baby? Should I just be happy with what we've been blessed with?

Inside all the worry and anxiety, there was a glimmer of excitement. I was decorating the nursery already. I was thinking of names and birth signs. The baby would have been Aries, like me. Boy or girl? A positive feeling that my husband and I would have made it work and come together for our family.

We're not actively trying, but I am left to wonder "what if"?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bumps, Bruises & Blood ... Oh My!

We are full force into the B3 stage. Everyday there seems to be a new injury whether it's a bump, a small bruise (or large!) or the worst, blood. No matter how much we baby proof, there are always dangers.

I am quickly learning that when toddlers get tired, they lose their balance and every little fall results in a "waaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" So I try to let them run loose when they first wake up and keep activity to a minimum (stroller rides, etc.) when they start to get sleepy. Sometimes I wonder if I should get them helmets so they won't hurt themselves, but I guess this is how they learn, right? Please someone tell me I'm right.