Friday, July 30, 2010

Owen Fish Park - Fairfield

I had hesitated to bring the girls to Owen Fish Park as mothers had warned me about a nearby pond. However, after finally going this week I realized it's not much of a threat since a tennis court separates the playground from the pond

Owen Fish Park was renovated by SPARK (1998) and is a wonderful, shady playground for toddlers and elementary school age children. There are baby and big kid swings, slides and climbing structures, as well as a four-person see saw. The park is located off Stratfield Rd. in Fairfield, but tucked away off the main road. There are picnic tables and a little stream with ducks that the kids enjoyed.

PROS: Lots of shade, a nice community of young families and various play structures for energetic toddlers make this a great place to play. No fee for non-residents.

CONS: The main play structure does have a few "drop offs" so you have to keep a careful eye on kids while they play. The small stream could also entice children to its slippery rocks, so just remain cautious.

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  1. oh wow, they really are cute! :)