Thursday, December 16, 2010

They're Smart, No Really Smart

Last night the girls were really resisting bed time. I mean this isn't anything new, but Izzy has terrible separation anxiety so I told them the next day (today) that I would take them to Stepping Stones and for ice cream. I kind of figured they would forget about the whole ice cream promise; I'd already planned to take them to the Children's Museum.

The girls wake up around 7am. Don't you know the first thing they asked for when they woke up was ice cream. They didn't stop asking until they had a kiddie cone with rainbow sprinkles in their little hands around 11:45am. It served as lunch. Not too shabby.

A lot times I fall for the girls little tricks. It's because I love them and they have me tied around their little fingers. They are quickly mastering the art of stall tactics. It all started a few months ago when they started hiding their lovies before bed time. Zoe has a little "lambie" and Izzy has "monkey."

While I would tidy up after baths, the girls would hide their stuffed animals. It would take me forever to find them and by this time I was so tired and had very little patience. It's like they knew just what button to push. They would sit in their cribs and say, "Lambie, where are you???? I can't find it!" After a while I would learn the basic hiding spots, down the stairs, under the sofa, in mommy's room, etc. You would think I would learn to put them somewhere safe while we did the night time routine but mommy brain takes over and you just plain forget.

Then last night, the girls tried to hide the two books we read at night: Goodnight Moon and Llama Llama Red Pajama. As if hiding those books meant that they would get to stay up all night. Seriously I have no idea where they get their energy. They wake up at 7am and are full steam ahead until 7pm. They have stopped taking naps and don't even want to listen to my pleas for quiet time. I try to tell them how much I miss nap time but it doesn't make a difference. I did get some nice cuddle time today before they went to school. It was all worth it.

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