Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eating Clean

I picked up the book Eating Clean and am trying to fight my sugar habit. I never really realized how addicted to sugar I am. Between Sweet Rexie's and Crumbs, I have been really gorging on sugar. Nothing seemed to taste quite right without maple syrup or a few packets of Splenda in it, so I knew it had to stop.

Today is Day 5 of Eating Clean. It is based on six smaller, protein packed meals and basically the philosophy is to eat "clean" -- meaning all natural, non-processed food choices. You can have sweet things, in moderation, so long as they are flavored with natural sweeteners like Agave Nectar. There is a belief in the power of supplements like bee pollen, flax seed and wheat germ, so I am also giving that a try. I will say the first two days were really hard. I had headaches and craved soda and candy. But now I am fine. I swear I have more energy.

I have always valued the importance of health and try to feed my children healthy, fresh food options. Of course it's not possible all the time, but I do my best. And it's frustrating when you make something fresh for them and they toss it on the floor or poke it around like it's a gross bug on their plate, but I keep trying. I want them to enjoy desserts and sweet treats, but am trying to avoid the traps like a Munchkin every time I go through the Dunkin Donuts drive through. I definitely don't think sugar is the enemy, but we need to have a truce.

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