Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lincoln Park - Jackman Ave Playground

This playground is in the Stratfield area of Fairfield, CT. You can search for it on Google Maps. Just search for Lincoln Park, in FFLD, CT.

PROS: It is a wonderful playground for toddlers in that it has shade, is fenced in and has a variety of climbing opportunities, slides and swings. There is also a sandbox and picnic tables. The playground is in a quiet, residential area and there is a Fire Station across the street, which is nice in case of emergency. The area is always clean and it's easy to watch multiple children.

CONS: Sometimes there are older grade school children that swing very high on the older kids' swings. However, when asked to watch out for the younger children, they have complied. It's somewhat off the beaten path, but is worth the drive!

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