Thursday, June 24, 2010

Terrific and Terrible Twos ... Ready or Not, Here We Come!

The girls turn two on Saturday. Where does the time go? I can't believe it.

Just in time for their birthday, I purchased a "time out" chair. It's a small, pink, hand-painted chair I picked up at Home Goods that says, "Even princesses sometimes need a time out."

When I came home with the chair I explained that it was a naughty chair (trying to channel Nanny Jo here) and that they would have to sit in it when they didn't listen to mommy. Well, I think it all went in one ear and out the other.

They love that chair. They stand on it. They fight each other to sit in it. They push it around. They put their dollies in it.

Just yesterday, Izzy was standing on the dining room table and I told her to get off and sit down. She laughed in my face so I picked her up and sat her down in the chair. She had a grin from ear to ear. With that, Zoe climbs up onto the table and stands up and starts to laugh. I pick her up and stand her over by Izzy. They start to push each other for a piece of the chair to sit on. I am thinking we need another chair. They are going to be warming that corner for a while.

I wouldn't say the girls are terrible, but they definitely are defiant. I guess that is the age though. They are really smart so I know they understand they aren't supposed to do certain things, but then when I tell them no, they think it's a game. Or rather they turn it into a fun game to seek attention -- all the while negative attention -- from mommy.

We have a small back yard that runs into woods. Most of our street is on a hill so the houses have more front yard then back yard, but we recently moved in and haven't decided whether we will clear out more woods for lawn area. Right now we're fine with our patch of grass. It's perfect toddler size. However, the problem is that when the grass ends, there is quite a steep slope into the woods. There is mulch, which is slippery, and then rocks and such. Let's just say you wouldn't want to slip and slide down the hill, let alone a toddler.

Every day they look at me, laugh and then run for the edge. They wait for me to come and grab them and I put them in time out (put them inside for two minutes). The problem is that while I am bringing one to time out inside, the other is copying her sister and running for the woods. They cry and complain and when they come out I try and explain what happened and why. Usually I get a reprieve but shortly after they are back at the game. Then I usually give up.

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