Saturday, March 7, 2009

Twins ... Coincidence or Evolution?

I never realized how many sets of multiples there were out there until I found out I was pregnant with twins. With all the celebrity twin births, there has also been a heightened awareness, let alone the "multiple" TLC shows on larger multiple births.

We're in Florida for the next week and everywhere we go, we run into people who either are a twin, have twins or have twin grandchildren. Today we ate lunch with my in-laws, their close friends and the girls. One of the waitresses was a fraternal twin and has fraternal twins. Well, those are hereditary so I wasn't surprised. The people we ate lunch with also have identical twin granddaughters. My in-laws neighbors in Florida also have twin grandchildren.

After lunch, we went to an outdoor mall. As we went into Gymboree, a lady stopped us who has twin children, now 40, and then on the way out, we met a man with twin grandchildren. After we crossed the street to hit the shops on the other side, we passed a woman with fraternal 2 year old twins and a 6 year old girl. Shortly after, we went into Starbucks. When we came out, my mother in law was talking to another family with identical twin girls, about 17 months old.

I always find myself wondering whether twins are on the rise or whether I am just now so hyper aware of multiples? I know twins are actually more common than I originally thought, but I've only been here 4 days!

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