Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Human Food

Aside from formula, an adult should be able to taste all baby food and give it at least a "not bad," if not "yummy" rating. It's not like the babies eat cat food, ya know? But people tend to put baby and kids food in a different category. Lot's of times I hear human food vs. baby food. That is just wrong.

I mean every kid is going to get some junk food and pre-prepared food at some point because it's convenient and part of being a kid. But I really try to give the girls healthy food whenever possible.

Between the babies, me, my husband and the cats, I swear I spend the better part of the day in the kitchen. But it's okay because I love food. I was actually enrolled in cooking school before I found out I was pregnant (a day before). I had put a deposit down on a Friday for The Institute of Culinary Education in Chelsea, NYC and that night on the way home from work I purchased a pregnancy test at Bridgestone Apothecary. I didn't think it would be positive but wanted to double check.

We had been trying for months and after the miscarriage I figured it would never happen, so I decided to switch career paths and do the only thing I would do for free when it comes to work -- cook. I wanted to do something in food media. It's nearly impossible to get a gig in that field without some sort of speciality training. I considered cooking school a graduate degree on top of my bachelor's in communication. Luckily the deposit was refundable.

I have been really trying to switch things up for the babies' mealtime routine. They are getting better at chewing so I am trying to give them more things that they can hold and take bites of rather than cutting everything into miniscule pieces.

When they were eating purees, I would make all their food but now that they are onto various food groups and and finger foods, it's about 50/50. I try to keep it natural, healthy and organic whenever possible, but since my husband and I usually eat different things at different times, we can't all eat together.

Things they love:
* peas, peas, peas ... just slightly defrosted from the frozen bag
* Any fruit - mainly blueberries, rasberries, cherries, banana, mango (the mango is especially good steamed in the Beaba)
* Nature's Promise vegetable pizza (they like it better the second day as it gets a little soggier)
* Eggo Mini Waffles
* Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burgers (loaded with carrots, edamame, corn, peas)
* Trader Joe's Turkey Meatballs
* South Beach Oatmeal Pancakes (make a bunch, keep them in the fridge for snacks)
* Dr Praeger's Fish Sticks
* Yogurt with either ground flax seed, wheat germ and/or amaranth (previously cooked) with fruit mash or puree
* Scrambled eggs with a pinch of cheese, dash of milk and a side of multigrain toast

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