Sunday, July 5, 2009

Twin Meet-up

I met one of my best friends through MoMs (Mothers of Multiples) of Lower Fairfield County. It's a "club" for mothers of multiples (twins & triplets) in the area. There is minimal yearly fee and the group organizes events, playgroups, guest speakers and has a message board and classified section. The club has been invaluable for advice on parenting and for recommendations on local services and things to do. It's also how I found my pediatrician, night nurse, sleep expert, doctor and dentist, among other things.

My friend has twin boys about the same age. A few months back we went to the group's new MoMs luncheon and met two other cool ladies. Today we are having everyone over, including babies and husbands, for snacks and drinks. It will be pretty awesome to get together 4 sets of twins. I will try and take some pictures.

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