Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sidewalk Sales

Some of the stores in Westport are having sales with the leftover merchandise from last weekend's sidewalk sales. Swaddle, Toddle and Bump - one of my favorite stores in Westport - is having a great 50% off sale on all clothes plus they have several bins of $10 items. While this may still seem expensive to some moms for baby clothes since they grow out of them so fast, sometimes you just have to splurge on something special for the little ones!

Even just for a browse, the store is great because they have a nice bathroom with a clean changing room, an automatic door which is great for stollers and double strollers, and stroller friendly isles. They also feature products from local vendors, which I really like to see and support! The owners Alicia and Amy, both moms themselves, are incredibly friendly and helpful. They are also happy to try and help entertain cranky toddlers while you shop around for a minute or two.

We picked up an adorable button down shirt with anchors on it that was originally priced at $75 for only $2o. It's a really special shirt -- I will have to post some photos. Then we also got some basic leggings, which we wear almost every day, I think two pairs for $20. It's a good deal (and good idea) to buy the better quality basics because otherwise they stain and wash horribly and you just end up throwing them out. I know Carter's is cheaper but I just threw a bunch of their leggings out because their clothes shrink and hold onto stains.

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