Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Gym

I have been bad about blogging lately, so I am going to try and catch up with a few posts. Two ear infections and a cold (everyone) have kept me busy.

My friend in the city is always taking her baby to these sorts of classes and I felt I needed to begin doing the same. She is always out at a Mommy & Me type class -- music, working out, etc. So I set out to find something like that up here. I mean it's Fairfield County so I knew there had to be tons of this stuff. A lot of people in my Twins Club suggested Little Gym, which, as you many of you Sherlocks may have guessed, is a heavily padded, soundproof and colorful place for toddlers and kids to let out their creative energy.

After confirming they properly santize everything, I signed up for a free trial. I went with my former mother's helper (long story, another entry) and we waited for class to begin. Little by little the rest of the class began to arrive. Another set of girl twins (one month older), two other little girls and a little boy. Our overly cheerful instructor led us inside.

Since the previous class ran over we didn't get much time to get the girls comfortable in the room before the class began. This was their first class but the other kids had been coming for a while now. Our instructor Miss C asked us to all get in a circle.

She flipped on the music, which was loud for mommy's ears, and dumped out a basket full of bells. My girls burst into screams and tears, while the other babies happily crawled over to the bells. One of my girls warmed up to the whole bell and singing routine, while the other continued to scream and cry and grab onto my shirt for dear life.

It's so hard because you want to just say "okay sweetie, if you're scared we can leave." But that wouldn't be helping her to socialize and get used to other surroundings. Especially when I know it could be fun for her. So I decided I would hold her if she was scared but push her to do the activities.

Then there was a parachute. The babies (except for one of mine) sat on the parachute and the adults hold it and walk in a circle. It was very cute. I see my baby staring at another baby wearing glasses. I know exactly what is about to happen but it is too late and my mother's helper is off on another planet. My baby reaches forward, grabs the other girls' glasses and in doing so pushes her backwards and she begins to cry. The instructor runs in to grab her and my mother's helper is still just standing there braindead. The instructor is now holding my baby's hand and says "what sharp little nails you have." Uh, sorry lady, I didn't have time for mani/pedis before we came.

Anyway, the rest of the class went on like this. The nanny of the other twin girls said hers were scared in the beginning but they got used to it and now really enjoy the class. So now I have signed up for 3 more weeks and then the summer session. The problem is now I have no mother's helper, not that she was much into helping anyway. So I am off to Little Gym on Monday solo with two babies. I am sure it will be fine so long as both aren't screaming the entire time.

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