Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lunch With The Girls

We are trying to better socialize the girls and bring them out with us more to restaurants so they get used to eating places other then home. Yesterday we took the girls to Swanky Franks, a local place in Westport that is taken over by kids on the weekends. They are known for their hot dogs, as the name suggests, but also have salads and such if you are watching your waistline. But this is the kind of place you have to have an onion ring or two. So get the salad and a side of fries to balance things out.

They have special hot dogs like the Westporter, my husband's favorite, which is a hot dog with cole slaw and chili. Honestly, just saying that makes me slightly sick but I try not to judge.

The girls split a hamburger and hot dog. Daddy was nice enough to share some of his chocolate milkshake. For dessert, one of my lovelies ate the check. Then as a nice treat for the waitress, she flipped mommy's diet coke over and it soaked the table, booth and the floor. Don't worry, we left a nice tip.

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