Monday, May 25, 2009

Three is a Crowd

I am trying to make mommy friends so I don't go nuts listening to plastic toys sing all day. I need a life too. I have some mommy friends but I need to meet new people. I have some mommy + baby playdates lined up over the next week or so and things are looking good on friend potential. 

This past week I invited someone over with her twin boys -- I met them through my local multiples club -- but I discovered one of my girls had a fever and had to cancel as she was literally driving down my street. I felt terrible but I didn't want to give her whole family a cold. I mean what a way to make a first impression. 

Last week I also met up with a woman who I met briefly last summer. I also met her through the club and we had been emailing lately about sleep issues so decided to meet for the ever-popular coffee and walk outing. After we confirmed, she asked me if I minded whether or not she invited her friend. What am I supposed to say? 

I hardly know her and this was supposed to be an opportunity to get to know each other and now you are adding another stranger into the mix. The worst part is, someone would be odd man out during the walk. Think about it -- two double strollers and one single trying to walk down a sidewalk? Um, yeah ... not going to work. 

Anyway, at the very least I would get a coffee and get out of the house, which is not a bad prize. So I show up at Starbucks where we are supposed to meet. The other twin mom is 20 mins late. I mean a few mins late okay, but 20 mins in the world of a baby is an eternity. I am sitting there with my iced latte and praying the girls don't have a complete meltdown as I watch the clock tick closer to 4pm. 

Finally I see her drive into the parking lot. Her friend is walking up the street at the same time. To her friend's credit, she was closer to being on time but had trouble crossing the street so had to walk out of her way to a crosswalk. Still, I try to be optimistic. I offer to watch the strollers while they go get there coffee. Now it's been 30 mins since I arrived. 

We have the coffees and go for a walk. It's quickly obvious how hard it is to walk all together. We do one loop through Fairfield town and end up at a children's shop. Why on earth do children's stores not make the isles wide enough for a double stroller? One of my girls had her foot hanging off the side of the stroller and it got caught on a shelf as I pushed her through the store. She started screaming. 

It was that awful cry where no sound comes out. So we left and went home. I felt terrible for hurting her but it was an accident. 

Lesson learned, just because two people share a common interest -- their twin daughters -- doesn't always mean it's instant BFF.

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