Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy Button?

Today was a great day. I got to be with my family, out in the fresh air and sunshine, and shop. Couldn't be better. We went to Greenwich Avenue, strolled around, ate lunch -- just the four of us.

Our goal is to get them more comfortable going out for food so we can eventually take on the diner. Sherwood Diner in Westport is probably the best diner I have ever been to aside from The Breakfast Club in Boston. But it's crazy busy there and I think it would overwhelm them at this stage. In any case, we sat next to another family of four. The funniest part is they have a section for Jewish food on the menu. I wonder if anyone has ever talked to them about that ...

The two kids looked very close in age. The mom turned to me and said, "Ah the easy years." I think I almost choked. The "easy" years? My husband and I exchanged a look. First of all, it's been the hardest eight months of my life (not counting the first and last three months of my twin pregnancy). I thought it was supposed to get easier at some point? I asked if her kids were twins (boy/girl) and she told me they were 15 months apart, aka Irish Twins.

She said it gets much harder and her advice was to "drink ... a lot." Yikes. Seriously? We both ordered a second beer ...

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