Monday, February 16, 2009

Miffy & Friends

I watch channel 131... like, a lot. The three of us like a show called Miffy & Friends, which is about a little white bunny named Miffy and his various adventures. There is a token brown bunny called Melanie (I guess to be PC). I am making this assumption because on one episode Miffy goes to Africa to meet Melanie's cousins. Miffy also has friends who are pigs and then there is a little dog named snuffy.

As you can imagine, the plot line is rather thin. There are rarely new episodes, just repeats, and I feel like I have seen every episode. I was actually quite excited about the Africa episode previously mentioned. In any case, the entire show is done in bright primary colors. It's like baby crack. My babies will crane their neck around and stop whatever they are doing when the opening song comes on.

One day I wanted to see if I could get the girls a Miffy doll. You can order them online. But what is hilarious is the amount of commentary out there online about Miffy. This one guy wrote all about how he thinks Miffy is a communist. I mean, it's hilarious, but I really hadn't given it that much thought.


  1. You know what's funny... the boys have Miffy swim trunks they got as a gift from my mothers friend. I just put all the pieces together.
    They got packed away....

  2. I just burst out laughing in my cube at this one. I think I am going to have to check out pinkie Miffy, and her PC friend. Wonder what channel that is for us folks in TX? :)