Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sales, Steals and Deals

Just put the kiddies to bed. Now it's time to catch up on my Internet time. I am all about getting a deal. In this economy, you're a fool to pay full price. There are deals everywhere.

Today, I came across a new site called Baby Steals that seems pretty cool. My friend also got me into a Web site called The Mini Social where they have really good deals on baby stuff. I do really well at Old Navy with their clearance racks and I am in love with Baby Gap and Janie & Jack. The key with those places is to wait until they go on sale -- because it always does -- and shop often so you can watch the sales. My all time favorite is Marshall's. The one in Fairfield CT on the Post Road has really good brands and great prices. I picked up some Splendid Baby clothes the other day.

I just bought new Puma sneakers online last night and while I was doing comparison shopping online there was an ad for 25% off all Puma online orders with CAT25 as the discount code. I got the pink/gray Speeder Mesh II to replace a pair that didn't fit after I gave birth. I guess it was nice that my feet grew a half size considering everything else grew several sizes. Maybe it's nature's way of preventing me from toppling over?

Anyway, I also recently got a great deal on a diaper bag. I know it's just a diaper bag but I saw this one in a store and it is actually designed in a way that makes a lot of sense. It's by a designer called Reese Li and retails for $160. I know that is a lot for a bag you put diapers in (my husband doesn't get it but I know lots of ladies out there do) but even a good looking bag has to be functional. This one has straps that have clips on them so you can clip them around your stroller handle or wear it over your shoulder. They also have matching clutch diaper bags you can buy as well for when you don't want to schlep the whole bag. I set out to find a good deal on one of her bags and visited the Web site where I found out they sell "factory seconds" at 50% off. Mine came with a smudge that isn't even noticeable. Definitely check it out.

My girls have reflux. I never knew that babies could have acid reflux. I have a terrible case of it. Mine is so bad I don't really feel it anymore except I have a cough at night when I am trying to sleep because the acid is creeping up my esophagus. Gross huh? So now the three of us all take prevacid. Sometimes I have to take something on top of it. Let's not even discuss the issues during a twin pregnancy as it regards reflux.

Anyway, the girls take the prevacid and they also have to drink a special formula. Of course it costs about $9 a jug. They go through two jugs a day, sometimes more. It costs slightly less per case at BJs but let's just say it's not a steal.

But through my local Mothers of Multiples club I found someone who was selling 12 cases of it and we made a good deal, or rather a steal, at $3 a bottle. She had a surplus and had gotten a bunch through her insurance.

All-in-all, I am feeling pretty good about my shopping karma right now. I think I will be doing a little surfing ...

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